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Are university campuses turning into mini sensible metropolitan areas

  Smart towns are variety of slow-moving, she suggests. Cities are so large, and you will discover a lot of players and stakeholders, it may be tough. But universities have handle above their estates.

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  They own all the properties, they own all of the networks they usually have a captive audience when it comes to the students, to allow them to turn out to be like a dwelling lab.

  Lots of Uk universities are accomplishing fascinating points with tech, she states, but are sometimes running inside a siloed way, office by office, instead of in unison. Its one thing that Manchester

  Metropolitan College is making an attempt to handle with its very own good campus strategy, which unites 6 assignments such as engagement checking, digital wayfinding, lecture seize and cloud accessibility.

  The smart campus idea was initial floated in spring 2016, says Tori Brown, the universitys IT portfolio manager. As a lot more jobs and initiatives stored coming to light-weight, it felt right to

  deliver these with each other to inform a story all over college student engagement and exactly how we can easily use technologies to aid this.

  Its a constantly evolving prepare, she carries on. There are options all-around sensible kiosks with personalised information, true cross-campus digital and personalised wayfinding. These

  include things like wearable tech like intelligent watches and telephones. For example: You possess a lecture in 10 minutes in Area X in Creating Y, heres a map and directions; Have you remembered your

  assignment due with this class; As youve received time, if you go away now you may also get back that library e-book thats thanks for return tomorrow.

  Deakin University in Victoria, Australia has built and applied a similar process, named Genie. Its a electronic assistant, in the kind of a Siri-style voice-activated smartphone application, with

  data on assignments, timetables, referencing and more. Due to the fact it runs on AI, it grows additional practical as it is made use of.

  The university features a big distance-learning cohort, with 25% fully on-line and the other 75% act[ing] like they are, according to Beverley Oliver, deputy vice-chancellor for education and learning at

  Deakin. As well as finding smarter, the technique is creating a big volume of that the majority prized modern-day commodity: data. Oliver says the college has a powerful coverage around not surveilling

  students, but utilizing their information with their expertise so as to enable them.

  Thats also the driving force at the University of Nottingham, in line with estates manager Andy Nolan, wherever they are really using details to know how the actual physical house of the campus is utilised and

  adjust scheduling accordingly.

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Are university campuses becoming mini intelligent cities?


秋季 老年人保健六注意


松齡護老集團創立高端養老院舍 - 松齡雅苑。



  注意室內通風   秋季氣溫下降,不少人家關門閉窗,以保室內溫度。這會造成嚴重的室內汙染,導致上呼吸道疾病和症狀,如頭痛、頭暈、鼻竇不適、畏光、流涕、惡心和胸悶。如果家庭中同樣的症狀或戶外活動可以減輕症狀,應考慮是否存在房間汙染的可能性。為此,專家建議秋季不宜終日閉戶,天涼也要保持室內空氣流通。當室內外溫度相差10℃時,15分鍾即可將室內空氣交換一遍。不要在客廳吸煙,減少汙染,防止呼吸系統疾病的發生。廚房最好安裝排風扇,使油煙及時排出室外。庭院、室內可養些花草,以調節室內濕度。


  注意鍛煉身體   秋季適當鍛煉可以適應氣溫的變化,增強抗病能力。秋季日照充分,陽光又不是很強,是戶外活動的好時期。老年人可根據自己身體的狀況,選擇一些適合自己的戶外活動身體好的可爬山、釣魚、郊遊等。體質較差的則可以選擇一些活動量較小的的項目,如戶外散步、打太極拳、氣功等。

香港領先的長者安老院舍運營商 ─ 松齡護老集團有限公司 (「松齡護老集團」或「公司」,連同其附屬公司,統稱「集團」,股份代號 1989.HK)宣佈旗下首個高端護老院舍「松齡雅苑」已於2018年6月正式開業。



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